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Ada wore these to a funeral

Drawing for me is a spontaneous activity. Looking at the subject/object and trying to make marks that create the relationship of the tone and line, and if using colour the dynamic between these elements. This can only happen for me when drawing from life. There is something in the subtlety of the light and how this plays on the subject that I can't create in any other way. The mark making is important and how this gives definition to the drawing. Colour and how this changes across the subject can be challenging to interpret.

Drawing objects has been a developing theme. I am a hoarder. Some of these objects I have had for a long time and are very personal, reminding me of the associations they have. Others are ones bought in charity shops. Usually on a whim. Discarded objects given a new lease of life. The history of some is real, in some its invented. For that moment in time given a new purpose, if only fleetingly.


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